Nityananda TrayodashiNityananda Trayodashi


Sri Nityānanda Trayodashi is the auspicious appearance day of Sri Nityānanda Prabhu. Nityānanda Prabhu appeared in the village of Ekachakra, in the district of Birbhum (West Bengal), as the son of Padmavati and Hadai Pandita in the year 1474 AD. He was born on the thirteenth day of the bright fortnight in the month of Magha (Magha Shukla Trayodashi). Even today, pilgrims visit the place of birth of Lord Nityānanda in Ekachakra. This temple is called Garbhavasa.

Lord Nityānanda mercifully inundated the entire universe with Krishna Prem and distributed the love of GodHead without considering whether one is qualified or not. Jahnavapati Nityānanda Rāma is Lord Balarāma himself and is the akhanda guru tattva. He is the one who shows the devotee the path to spiritual advancement; without his mercy, one cannot even hope to attain the lotus feet of Gaurangadev.

On the day of Nityānanda Trayodashi, devotees fast till noon and pray to Lord Nityānanda for spiritual strength. The celebrations begin in the evening with a grand Harinam sankirtana and Pallakki Utsav of Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga (Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Lord Nityānanda). Devotees discuss the ocean of the endless glories of Nitai till it is time for the Abhishek of their Lordships Gaur Nitai.


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