Jhulan UtsavJhulan Utsav


Jhulan utsav is a festival to celebrate Radha Krishna’s pastime of swinging on a golden swing everyday until Balaram Jayanthi.

In India, traditionally, at this time of the year, the married girls go to the houses of their parents with their brothers, who come to pick them up. Hoping to meet Krishna, without the interference of the ever suspicious and crooked Jatila and Kutila, Srimati Radharani eagerly waits for Shridam to come and take her to Barsana. But when he does not come at the beginning of the rainy season, she gets anxious and expectantly gazes at the path coming from Barsana hopping that Shridam would come any time to get her. When he at last comes to pick her up, bringing various gifts for Jatila and Kutila to please them, radharani expresses her sorrow to her brother, asking him as to why he came so late, and then happily goes to her parents house where she meets them, filling the hearts of Vrishabhanu maharaj and Kirtida devi with tremendous joy.

After Shrimati Radhika’s arrival in Vrishabhanupur, all the sakhis make arrangements for the swing festival, by hanging a beautiful swing on a kadamba tree in the forests surrounding the palace. There are descriptions of various swings given in the bhakti shastras, such as, there is the normal swing in which Radha Shyamsundar sit together,then there is another in which they sit opposite each other and are facing one another and a special lotus shaped swing is also described with 8 petals on which all the ashtasakhis sit with Radha Krishna in the middle. In this way they make various preparations for the festival.

Then when Shyamsundar comes to the designated place of rendezvous, the sakhis implore Shrimati Radhika to sit on the swing. Being thus requested by her gopi friends,Raseshwari Shri Radha ascends the jewel studded swing decorated with flowers, and Rasaraj Shri Krishna starts swinging her. With a desire to be embraced by the most enchantingly sweet Radha, Shri Krishna starts pushing the swing really forcefully and getting scared of the speed of the swing Shrimati Radhika calls out to Krishna and when he climbs the swing she tightly embraces him, making him drown in the ocean transcendental bliss, and all the sakhis take pleasure in seeing the tricks that hari uses to be favored by his beloved’s embrace.

Remembering all these transcendental pastimes of the ever youthful divine couple of Vrindavan, we bring the opportunity to render service to the divine couple by swinging them


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Event Date

Aug 18 - Aug 22, 2021