Gaura PurnimaGaura Purnima


Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the Supreme Lord of the Universe, Sri Krishna Himself. Lord Chaitanya is Jaganatha Misra and Sacidevi’s son. His “birth” is unique because it was not actually a birth. Lord Chaitanya was not forced by the laws of nature to be born on this Earth. Lord willingly came down due to the pleas of His devotees. Thus, his coming to this earth is often called an “advent” rather than birth. Lord Chaitanya’s advent all stemmed from the great Advaita Acarya’s observation. Advaita Acarya was a great devotee of Lord Krsna and often invited other devotees to his house to worship Krsna and chant the Hare Krsna mantra. This mantra allows one to reestablish one’s connection to the Supreme Lord. However, Advaita Acarya felt sorrowful for those who are not worshipping Lord Krsna. These people are stuck in the material world and are concerned more about money and valuable items for enjoyment rather than worshipping the Lord. The material sense had taken control of their lives and Advaita Acarya sought to free them. He thought that only the Lord can liberate these people from the shackles of the materialistic world and educate them on Krsna’s consciousness. Advaita Acarya sought to free these people by praying to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord, Krsna, using tulsi leaves and water from the Ganga river. Advaita Acarya’s repeated prayers and invitations finally convinced the Lord to descend on this earth. In 1406, Lord Krsna entered the bodies of Jagannatha Misra and Sacidevi. The couple were delighted and understood that Lord himself will take birth. People around the village voluntarily gave the couple many riches as the Supreme Lord was inside their bodies. Nīlāmbara Cakravartī, a renowned astrologist at the time, made a calculation that Lord Krsna would descend on this Earth in the form of a human during a month of auspicious time. Many preparations were made for a humongous festival and prayer on the day Lord Chaitanya would descend. On the night of this auspicious moment, everyone around the world, from the demigods in space to the villagers on Earth, began to chant the Hare Krsna mantra to invoke the Lord during the lunar eclipse, and they were left wonderstruck. Upon the whole world chanting the name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Chaitanya himself made an advent to this Earth. The whole world was jubilant and there were celebrations throughout the universe. Acharya and his devotees went to bathe in the Ganga river and chanted the Hare Krsna mantra, offering charity to numerous people in need. The world had erupted into a celebration with many people singing and dancing, and many people gave Jaganath Misra lots of gifts, which he then chose to distribute among the poor so they too can enjoy Lord Chaitanya’s advent.